1、Mr. Wang Jun, Chief Accountant from Hebei Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. has confirmed to attend and give a speech on the conference;
2、Mr. Jim Jia, Chief Anylayst from Mysteel has confirmed to attend and give a speech on the conference;
3、Ms. Alexandra Henze, Strategy Dept. Manager from ArcelorMittal Group has confirmed to attend and give a speech on 2012 Eroupean Steel Industry Situation;
4、Mr. Ba Shusong, Deputy Director from Development Research Center of the State Council has confirmed to attend and give a speech on 2012 China Economy Situation Tendency;
5、Mr. Timothy Condon, Managing Director and Head of Research from ING has confirmed to attend and give a speech on 2012 European and American Economy Situation;
6、Mr. Antony Priddy, Senior Marketing Manager from FMG Group has confirmed to attend and give a speech on "2012 Global Iron Ore Supply Situation & the Pricing System Analysis";
7、Mr Xiao Chunquan,director of operation and coodination office of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has confirmed to attend the conference and will deliver speech on the orientation of China steel industrial policy in 2012.;
8、Mr. R.K.Sharma, Secretary-Gerneral of Federation of Indian Mineral Industries will attend the conference and to make a presentation regarding on Status quo and prospects of India iron ore exports, low grade iron ore used in India domestic steel mills, logistics cost in India etc;

1.China and world macro economic and financial policies in 2012
2.China iron & steel industry policies and impact on the ore market in 2012
3.Analysis and judgment of the China and world iron ore markets in 2012
4.Iron ore market review for H1 and forecast for H2
5.The latest development of financialization trend and pricing mechanism
6.Expansion planning of the transitional iron mines and progresses made by the smaller mines
Conference Agenda
Date: 16th April, 2012 All Day Registration and Forums
Date: 16th April, 2012, 15:00-20:00 pm Forum One -- On How Steel Mills and Trading Houses Conquer the Narrow Profit Margin throughout the Whole Iron & Steel Industry in China
Forum Two -- On Global Emerging Iron Ore Suppliers' Development and Expansion Plans
Forum Three -- On the Influences of the Financialization of Iron Ore
Date: 17th April, 2012, Opening, 8:50-9:00 am
Date: 17th April, 2012, 9:00am -17:00 pm
Company Topic
China Steel Industry Policies
CISA Outlook on China Iron and Steel Industry Tendency for First Half Year of 2012
CCCMC Analysis on The Imported Iron Ore Market Tendency for First Half Year of 2012
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2012 China Iron and Steel Industry Policy Trend
Macro-economics Analysis
Development Research Center of the State Council 2012 China Economy Tendency
Global Renowned Investment Bank Analysis on 2012 European and American Economy Situation
Iron and Steel Demand and Supply Tendency
ArcelorMittal Overview on European Iron & Steel Industry in Q1 2012
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Analysis on the Win-Win relationship between China Steel Enterprises and Foreign Mining Companies
FMG Analysis on 2012 Global Iron Ore Supply Tendency
FIMI Analysis on India Iron Ore Supply and Outlook on Future Market Situation
Anglo American Analysis on The Supply and Demand situation of Global Iron Ore Market in the Future
China Real Estate Analysis on China Real Estate Industry in Year 2012
Market Trend Analysis
Sinosteel 2012 China Iron Ore Market Tendency
Mysteel Analysis on China Steel market in Q1,2012
Date : 18th, April, 2012 , 9:00-16:00
Golf Invitational Tournament
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